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Introducing the Program for Amazonas Certification Resellers in the USA.

Amazonas Certification Resellers


Introducing the Amazonas Certified Reseller Program - our newest initiative designed to make it easier for you to purchase authentic Amazonas products with confidence from trusted sellers. As a brand known for quality and craftsmanship, we understand that our customers value authenticity, and we want to ensure that you receive only the finest handcrafted products that meet our quality, safety, and support standards.

A Certified Reseller is an authorized seller of Amazonas products. By purchasing from a Certified Reseller, you can trust that you're getting an authentic handcrafted Amazonas item backed by our Certified Promise. Our Certified Promise includes expert handcrafting using traditional Brazilian techniques and precise German engineering, a 1-year warranty on hammocks, and a 2-year warranty on stands, quality and safety verification under TUV and GS standards, support for Brazilian street children with a donation made for every order, and sustainable production practices with minimal environmental impact and fair labor practices.

The Amazonas Certified Reseller Program ensures that our customers have a seamless and trustworthy shopping experience while enjoying our sustainable, eco-friendly products. When you buy from a Certified Reseller, you're not only receiving an authentic Amazonas product, but you're also contributing to the betterment of Brazilian street children through our donations.

So, browse our list of Certified Resellers and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with buying from a trusted Amazonas partner. We're committed to providing you with only the best quality, safety, and support, and we're excited to continue offering our handcrafted products through our Certified Reseller Program. Happy shopping!