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About us

"Nearly 30 years ago, I embarked on an adventure that has led me to live my dream today"

(Matthias Saul, Founder)

In 1992, I discovered the benefits of hammocks while traveling to various countries, including Ecuador, Peru, Europe, and Africa. As I planned to explore more of South America, I realized that sleeping on the ground in the rainforest was not an option. Hammocks became my solution, and they have been a significant influence on my life ever since.

During my adventures, I needed a rain cover, mosquito net, and other features. However, a complete set with all these features was too bulky and difficult to transport. So, I decided to source the materials in South America and build my own hammock with the help of the Huaorani tribe. The hammock weighed over 7kg and had mosquito protection and a tent for rain protection, but it left me with back pain and mosquito bites.

Thankfully, my guides had been sleeping in hammocks since childhood and showed me how to hang and lie in a hammock correctly. This was the beginning of my journey towards sleeping comfortably without back pain, and every evening I worked to improve my hammock.

After my adventures in South America, I didn't leave my passion for hammocks behind when I returned to Germany. In fact, I started importing and selling hammocks to friends and acquaintances, and after a few months, AMAZONAS hammocks were even available in some stores. From there, my ambition to create my own hammock products and bring them to market grew stronger. This led me to establish my own hammock weaving mill in Brazil, the birthplace of hammocks. Spending months there with traditional hammock makers taught me the essential skills that I still use today. The experiences and qualities that I discovered in Brazil can still be found in our products today.

After nearly three decades of trial and error, and countless expeditions across the globe, I have finally achieved my objective. Every night spent in one of our hammocks takes me back to those evenings in Ecuador.


Today, I take pride in my life's work and expertise, as our products are now sold worldwide. I am grateful to have a large team that supports me in the ongoing development and improvement of our hammocks.

Ultimately, I believe the best hammock is the one that you can always have with you. This is my ultimate goal with our products.

Best regards, Matthias