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Picking the Best Way to Hang Your Hammock:

How to Hang Your Hammock: A Guide to Mounting Options and Accessories

Just like choosing your home decor or clothing style, selecting how to hang your hammock is a matter of personal preference. Hammocks offer versatility in both style and hanging options. Check out this guide for mounting options and necessary accessories. It includes useful diagrams to help you hang your hammock, depending on the model you have.

A general rule of thumb is to hang your hammock with a 40-50cm space from the bottom to the ground. Keep in mind that the hammock will stretch when you sit in it, so don't worry if it seems too high at first.

For a hammock chair, you can hang it directly from the ceiling using fixings or a hammock chair stand. Use Power Hooks for ceilings and Jumbo Fixings for wooden beams or posts.

For a regular hammock, you can hang it between two trees or use a stand. We recommend using smart or micro rope fixings to hang between trees. If you only have one tree or wall, use the Madera Post to support the other side.

The easiest option is to choose a set that includes a compatible hammock or hammock chair and stand. The stand is easy to assemble, and you can choose the design you like without worrying about fixings.

If you need any help buying our hammocks, feel free to contact us for assistance.