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“Der Kleine Nazareno”

"At AMAZONAS, we have visited this project on-site and it deeply touched us. We are now committed to providing an annual support of $20,000. By producing hammocks, we are not only creating employment opportunities and promoting progress in Brazil, but also making a positive impact on the lives of Brazilian street children. As our customer, you can join us in this mission."


Every day, approximately 32,000 children in Brazil are living on the streets, without any support or care. These children struggle to survive, facing hunger, cold, exploitation, and drug abuse. They also live in constant fear of violent attacks from gangs and police. Their lives are a daily fight for survival.


In 1994, the "Der Kleine Nazareno e.V." association was established with the goal of providing neglected children in Brazil with a better quality of life. Over the past decade, this association has successfully established two Nazareno Villages which now house more than 110 children, providing them with a safe and secure environment.

Located outside of the city centers of Fortaleza and Recife, these villages offer round-the-clock care and support to the children. Upon arrival, they are enrolled in a state-approved school and have the option to progress to secondary education. Vocational training is also provided, beginning as early as 15 years of age, to supplement their academic learning.


"Der Kleine Nazareno e.V." goes above and beyond to support these children. They provide assistance to help the children find employment and continue to offer guidance until they are self-sufficient. Amazonas is proud to maintain a close relationship with the founder and director of this aid organization, as their mission aligns with our values.