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Fair Working

Fair work

Traditionally, South American people have used hammocks for generations as a sleeping chamber to avoid ground creatures. This led to the region becoming the world's hammock production capital. However, the introduction of cheaper foam mattresses from the Far East replaced hammocks as beds, resulting in the collapse of traditional hammock production and many factories closing. This had a significant impact on the South American people's socio-economic status, leading to growing poverty levels.

Fair work 2


Amazonas helps revive the local economy by renovating a bankrupt hammock factory

Rather than constructing a new warehouse, we chose an abandoned hammock factory as the birthplace of Amazonas. We renovated the factory to meet modern standards, including new manufacturing equipment like looms and a central exhaust system that ensures a clean and healthy work environment free of dust and dirt.


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We prioritize safety and health

Our use of high-quality raw materials that meet European standards ensures environmental compatibility of the colors used and provides a healthy workplace for employees who handle the dyed cotton. We take employee safety seriously and provide noise protection in the only area of our establishment where headphones are used: the dyed cotton facility.

Continuous improvement of safety and quality

We regularly analyze our hammocks for harmful chemicals like AZO dyes, formaldehyde, and heavy metals to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees. We not only maintain health and safety standards higher than the legal requirements, but we also continually strive for improvement.