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Introducing Amazonas Hammocks - inspired by the vibrant and high-quality Brazilian hammocks, named after the largest state in northwestern Brazil. We pride ourselves as one of the leading producers of hammocks, with our production site located in the hammock making center of South America - the northeastern region of Brazil.

What makes us stand out is that we provide secure employment opportunities to up to 100 individuals from the impoverished northeast region and nearby favelas. Unlike other global product manufacturers, we prioritize product quality and safe working conditions. To ensure that our ethical standards are met, we conduct regular visits to our production facilities and team to ensure there is no child labor or any other unethical practices.

At Amazonas, quality is of utmost importance. That's why we go the extra mile to ensure that our hammocks are crafted using traditional Brazilian craftsmanship.

 Sewing Hammock

Our Material Selection Criteria

At our company, we pay close attention to the stability and colorfastness of each material when selecting threads. We also prioritize data from recent laboratory tests to ensure that our materials are free from harmful substances. For our cotton-based hammocks, we use only 100% Recycled Brazilian Cotton, as we are committed to sustainability and reducing waste.

Preparations for Crafting

To ensure the highest quality of our hammocks, we take special care in selecting and preparing our threads. Our team carefully winds the previously selected threads onto the loom's roll according to the desired pattern of the hammock. Cross threads are then wound onto spindles, preparing them for weaving.

Loom Setup

We have a dedicated Loom Master in each production section, a highly respected professional who sets up the loom. They meticulously knot nearly 6,000 longitudinal threads by hand, which takes an entire day to complete. Once finished, the loom is ready for the next step.

Beginning the Weaving Process

Our skilled weavers then get to work, using the power of the loom and high volume of threads to weave cross threads and create 5-20 hammocks per day in a single loom. The density of the fabric and its stability is determined by the combination of the weaver's skill and the power of the loom.


Starting the hammock


Handmade, Durable Suspension Cords

At Amazonas, we believe that the quality of our hammocks is only as good as the materials we use. That's why we incorporate handmade, durable suspension cords into our hammock production process. These cords are made from the same high-quality cotton as our traditional crochet machines, ensuring consistency in material and strength.

During the weaving process, we use a larger amount of material than usual to create extra-thick cords that make our hammocks especially tear-resistant. Our hammocks can even support up to 280kg loads, giving you peace of mind while you relax and enjoy the outdoors.

To ensure the highest quality, we carefully measure and cut each roll of hammock fabric. We also provide the ends with a continuous loop cord, which is sewn around with an extra-strong 5-fold seam to prevent loose threads. Our team manually binds the correct length cords to the nearly finished hammock, reinforcing the suspension loop and balancing punctual loads.

For some of our hammock designs, such as the Rio and Palacio, we even incorporate hand-woven macramé veranda. Family hammocks feature an additional fabric band that is woven by hand between the cords for added visual appeal and higher spreading strength.

At Amazonas, we take safety seriously. We consistently test our hammocks for their maximum load capacity, ensuring that they can withstand the weight of our customers. Our testing facility, specifically engineered for hammocks, hanging chairs, and frames, can even withstand loads of up to 600kg. With Amazonas hammocks, you can relax with confidence, knowing that you are in good hands.





2007 - Reliable Partner in the USA After extensive searching for a suitable supplier of high-quality wood for their furniture and frames, Amazonas tried several options in Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, and China but was unable to find a satisfactory supplier. Eventually, they found BM, a company in Poland that met their requirements for quality and reliability.

2008 - Globo Optimization Amazonas worked closely with BM to develop the Globo and Globo Royal range of furniture.

2014 - FSC Certification Amazonas and BM switched to using FSC certified wood from the sustainably managed Polish state forests.

2015 - Rebuild Amazonas supported Krzysztof, who was studying wood economy, in taking over the company from his parents. With Amazonas' purchase guarantee and financing, they were able to build a new factory to increase production capacity.

2016 - Business Grows Kasia, Krzysztof's sister, started a sewing shop that expanded into producing high-quality outdoor fabrics like Agora.

2017 - Automation of Production Amazonas invested in CNC production machines and expanded the warehouse. Krzysztof's father Adam and brother Bogdan joined the family business to manage the new production capacity.

2018 - Sustainable Cycle System is Created Amazonas implemented a central extraction system to capture and recycle wood dust generated during production, using it to fuel the wood drying plant.

2019 - Power of Nature Amazonas installed solar panels on the roof of the factory, transitioning away from fossil fuels to eco-power.


2022 - Continuous Development Amazonas continues to innovate and develop new ideas, with numerous self-developed and patented products in their portfolio.