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Ecological production values sustainability and environmental friendliness. By implementing sustainable energy cycles, resources are conserved and good working conditions are ensured.

In Krzysztof's warehouse in Poland, a central exhaust system is used to effectively collect dispersed materials. Wood chips are vacuumed in and transported pneumatically to a storage tank where they are transformed into briquettes automatically. During this continuous process, large air filters absorb wood particles from the air, promoting a healthy and dust-free work environment for all employees. These briquettes are burned in a computer-controlled kiln, generating thermal energy that is used to heat the drying plant - a factory section where wood is dried after undergoing dipping baths and/or lamination processes.


Amazonas is committed to supporting sustainable forestry management in Europe. All Amazonas products are made using 100% FSC-certified wood from sustainable sources. This practice helps prevent deforestation and contributes to the preservation of natural habitats for all species.

In addition to using sustainable wood, Amazonas avoids the use of chemical fertilizers and biocides, and clear-cutting is always avoided. Large areas of biotope wood are preserved to maintain habitats for all living creatures, regardless of size. These practices demonstrate Amazonas' dedication to environmentally responsible production methods.


Agora Fabric

At Amazonas, we use only the best materials for our outdoor furniture, including Agora Fabric. This high-quality fabric is perfect for both indoor and outdoor furniture, as it is resistant to dirt and allows water to easily run off. The fibres of the Agora acrylic fabric are dyed thoroughly and possess high light and weather resistance, ensuring the fabric retains its shape and color for years to come. We also take great care in our production processes to minimize waste and use recycled materials, such as PET bottles, for our garden furniture upholstery.


Agora Fabric


Solar Power Generation

At Krzysztof, we are committed to sustainability and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. Since 2019, we have been using solar panels to generate clean energy and power our manufacturing facility.

CO2 Emissions

Our manufacturing warehouse in Poland helps us keep transport routes to Germany as short as possible, reducing the carbon footprint of our products. We also strive for high product quality to minimize returns and further reduce our average carbon footprint.

Natural Resource Rainwater

We are dedicated to conserving precious water resources and collect rainwater from our roof into a 10,000-liter tank for use in our production processes. The rainwater is filtered before use to remove any impurities, and we use it in our dip impregnation and drying processes. We also use specially constructed pipes to carry rainwater to the flushing cisterns of our toilets.